High-Speed Doors

A high-speed door has many benefits for your high-traffic locations at your facility. A majority of the high-speed doors we sell limit the number of parts that are prone to wear for minimal maintenance or repairs and have upward speeds of 50 inches per second. We’ve seen high-speed doors in the field with over THREE MILLION CYCLES, and with breakaway bottom rails, they can take a hit!

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High-Speed Doors in Milwaukee, WI

Rinderle Door provides Milwaukee, WI, and surrounding areas with the high-speed doors they need, including the following:

Fabric Roll Doors

Rytec PredaDoor® High-speed fabric roll doors really shine in all their engineering glory. They are specifically designed for a ton of cycles and low amounts of wear. They are capable of handling large applications and protecting against exterior elements and extreme pressure changes. High-speed fabric doors are also designed to be “broken-away” when hit by equipment which also protects your bottom line for quick resets, getting you back to normal operations.

Since Rinderle Door is a family-owned company with high standards, we want to match quality products with our service. We are an authorized dealer for Rytec® so we not only are able to provide their whole product line for installation, but we can furnish parts as well.

The Right Fit

It is particularly important for a high-performance door to be installed by a reputable company with a trained installer. If your high-speed door is installed improperly, due to the high speed of the operation, parts will continually wear. We have been doing this for a long time and only assign our highly trained technicians for your high-speed door installation. Request a quote today and we can have our salespeople meet with you to determine the right model for your application.

High Speed For Exterior

Are you looking for a high-speed door but cannot rely on fabric due to being an exterior opening? We offer the Rytec Spiral® door which gives you the speed of 60 inches per second but eliminates any secondary door system for security purposes. Not only does the Spiral® provide an extremely stylish look, but it also has no metal-to-metal contact which results in an even quieter operation at your facility. This is perfect for parking garages or highly secure areas.

Common Manufacturers We Service

We are not limited to these... we service them all and install the best product for your application.

RytecHormannRite-HiteDynacoASINergecoOverhead Door Corporation

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If you are interested in learning more about our high-speed door services, please contact us today. Since the late 1970s, we have been a trusted name for high-speed doors in Milwaukee, WI, and surrounding areas.

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