Rinderle's Core 4

What are the Core 4?Over time, we’ve taken note of the most effective areas to make upgrades and perform preventive measures in your facility. We use our Core 4 System to focus on these areas as we work to provide the highest long-term value for our clients.
Safety/Protect your people
  • Regular Inspections
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Photo eyes/reversing edges/sensors/soft bottoms
  • Code regulation upgrades
  • Annual fire door testing
  • Motion detectors/loops
Security/Prevent theft & loss
  • Heavy duty locking devices
  • Security gates & grilles
  • Electronic monitoring
  • Regular inspections/preventive maintenance
  • Ballistic & security doors
  • Hard panel high speed doors
Performance/Improve your production
  • High performance doors (up to 100"/sec)
  • Specifying correct products for application
  • High cycle components
  • Breakaway bottom bars
  • Automatic operation
  • Making the most of your equipment
Energy/Create an efficient environment
  • Thermal efficient products
  • WeatherSeals to weatherize your facility
  • Quick open/close
  • Remote activation
  • Bug & security screens
  • Saving your energy with the right door service partner

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I look forward to working with your staff. I have always found them to be professional, friendly and a pleasure to have in our facility.— Marylin, Wholesale Facility
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